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About us

About us

Guru’s secrets .........

3 times Mr. Olympia participant, a multiple gunshot survivor with one kidney left, a cancer survivor that almost ended his life, nutritional consultant for over 30 years to many Olympian and Hollywood stars and just finished his doctorate, George Farah is a lead by example coach with plenty to offer. “Believing in your self and inspiring others to be at their best is almost a creed i live by” who designed your products?

Our mission

What we believe in

Inspire people to be at their best by fueling them with the highest quality and safest products and in a consumer-aware, friendly community

Our core values


Ensuring clear answers for the "what, where, how" so that every product is ethical and delivers maximum efficiency with a consumer-oriented budget


Being responsible for good change, may it be economic or social. It's about inclusivity, sustainability, our environment and health. It's about being responsible for a better world.


Quality of the ingredients, products, services and aftersales services with no compromise.

Our Approach


With over 30 years of experience and an extensive academic background in nutrition, we inquire about the latest and best in self-care and health products. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach including data analysis before adopting any product as ours.


What do our consumers want? What are the needs of the market? What are the newest trends? The input we get from our community and international ones set the benchmark for our future work and services .


We only work with the best raw materials and ingredients that are handpicked after extensive quality control and analysis. In many cases we use commodities with strong trademarks, of which we are the sole distribution.

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Buy more than 70 euros and get a gift

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