GoodSync for Windows

Your photos, Mp3s, and other significant paperwork can all be quickly synchronized and backed up using Goodsync for Windows, which is simple, secure and trustworthy. Using a variety of Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Skydrive support automation options, funding up and / or coordinating your important files is simple.

Authentic bi-directional submit synchronization is provided by Goodsync for Windows, preventing facts lost. Details synchronization between your desktop Pc, laptop, home and office computers, computer and removable products( Usb Key, Flash Drive, Cdrw disc ) can all be done using the game. The Internet or a central network can be used for this.

Main characteristics include:

  1. strong syncing abilities
  2. Compare and evaluate file modifications.
  3. you store many file translations as backups.
  4. Support for Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Skydrive.


A strong folder synchronizing app overall is Goodsync for Windows. It officially supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and offers cross-platform compatibility. You can backup and tune files using the game with a variety of locations, including mobile devices, additional computers, and on store. Its lack of options for compression or cryptography is the only drawback that we can identify.



Windows Goodsync for Windows
  1. Windows of Windows
  2. Windows 8, etc.
  3. , Windows Vista
  4. Windows 8.
  5. Windows 7,
  6. 10 Panels
Language that are available:
  1. English,
  2. German,
  3. Greek,
  4. Spanish,
  5. Finnish,
  6. French,
  7. Italian,
  8. Portuguese,
  9. Russian
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22 November 2023, Tuesday
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