FastFolders for Windows

By giving you quick access to leaflet material and docs, the network modification Fastfolders is intended to boost your efficiency.

By tapping the appropriate computer mouse button on a file, tab, or get, Fastfolders enables you to scan the directory pattern at any time without having to open each individual leaflet.

Included in the variable aspects are:

  1. alters the folder and file environment bill of fare.
  2. adds a restaurant product to show the current listing structure.
  3. You may browse every shield object.
  4. Sustain for drag-and-drop.
  5. multiple-column registry separating.
  6. Swiftness of the menu is versatile.
  7. The listing shape allows for the inclusion of any register sorts.
  8. assistance for Windows 10.


In order to screen the directory structure on consumption, Fastfolders add a menu item to barrel objects’ perspective menus. With it, you can simply choose an object from the Fastfolders cuisine and drag and drop it onto a folder or generate choosing the appropriate keyboard button. You can also clone or move the image to any folder on your computer.

Additionally, Fastfolders can display a folder’s’s net shape, like its subdomains and documents. This is useful for understanding how your paperwork are distributed and how much disk space your hard drive as a whole takes up.



Skylights 5.13.0 Fastfolders
  1. Windows 8.
  2. Skylights 7, etc.
  3. Vista, Windows
  4. Panels 10,
a hearing adaptation
most recent update:
3 June 2023, a Friday

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