Faststone MaxView for Windows


A small, quick, and creative picture viewer that supports all significant vivid types is called Maxview. Folks, from beginners to individuals, can quickly and effectively see and control pictures thanks to its user-friendly design and signals.

  1. Borderless windows, auto-hidden menus, and toolbars that maximize screen space and give the images a very clean appearance
  2. Support for Select-zoom on a full-screen spectator
  3. Magnifier with crystal clarity and customization
  4. Navigator for fast image paging and scrolling
  5. Enjoy comprehensive portrait data, including information for Exifs
  6. Slideshow with background music assistance for Mp3, Wav, Midi, and Wma and 150 + transitional results
  7. Jpeg revolution without loss
  8. Calling environmental products with a simple hotkey wardrobe
  9. Numerous look routing and adjustment hotkeys( copy, move, delete, name, turn )
  10. Rich personal option options and settings
  11. Support for Undo, Redo and Mouse Wheels
  12. Guidance for usual picture formats includes the ability to load Jpeg, Jpeeg2000, Gif, Bmp, Png, Pcx, Tiff, Wmf, Ico, Cur, and Tga files as well as save them to other types.
  13. Support for modern stanza Raw styles includes Dng, Mrw, Orf, and Crw.
  14. and a lot more …

Up until edition 2.1, Faststone Maxview was cost-free. A 45-day visitation is available for all early variations.



Panels version of Faststone Maxview 3. 4
  1. Windows 8, etc.
  2. Xp of Windows,
  3. Windows 8.1,
  4. , Windows Vista
  5. Windows 7,
  6. 10 Skylights
most recent up-date:
August 31, 2023, a Wednesday

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