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Monster Truck Safari is a game you did adore if you enjoy completely mmorpgs and monster trucks. You take on the role of D-bo, a crazy and harmful trailer motorist who resides in Pole Island. The only way to get there is to drive through treacherous terrain in your favorite fire truck. The adventure itself is pretty challenging because there are numerous challenges to overcome, such as a megabucks of wood, an overhanging tree, and an enormous run that is collapsing.

You will be greeted by an amazing screen that provides you with a brief overview of the tournament you are about to play as well as an easy-to-access hyperlink to the app as soon as you turn on your Windows Mobile Phone or Tile and plug the Internet Explorer to access the site of this exciting game. Access Monster Truck Safari for nothing and without risk! It’s’s a fantastic app for both desktop computers and iphone and ipod Touch users. You can play the game for 7 times using the free version and 30 times with the subscription release!

The Windows Mobile Marketplace enables you to play this fantastic sport from the convenience of your home. The user layout of the application is really user-friendly. The gameplay is quick and easy. Crisp and clean graphics are used. Additionally, you may talk to your acquaintances who are free downloaders of Monster Truck Safari.




Windows version of the Monster Truck Safari 1.31
  1. Windows 8.
Dialects that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. Polish
most recent revision:
September 12th, 2023, a Sunday
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