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Thunder for Windows

Thunder for Windows

Thunder for Windows

Thunder: A God-secret Weapon!

The forte noise produced when lightning strikes there is known as lightning. A low, medium-sized roar to an extremely loud bite was occur based on how far away the lightning is striking and the type of lightning tempest. The surround steam expands as a result of the lightning strike’s’s rapid compression in the air in front of its channel. This atmosphere expands and pushes against local items, resulting in friction and a minor buoyancy.

Thunder can take many different forms and strike at various circumstances. To properly protect oneself from lightening strikes, it is crucial to recognise when lightening is present. Thunder and lightning are the two types of thunder that occur most frequently. Thunder strikes and occasionally sparks can equally happen when scag is close to the earth, causing the fog to become lighter. When a sky is roaring and lightning is happening nearby, it is said that there has been thunder.

Lightning produces a lot of breeze force and rigorous steam. As a result, higher breezes are produced, which are effective electrical conductors. The cloud’s’s shrapnel can create a flash that can damage your hands and fingers or destroy your glasses if the lightning is particularly quiet and close by. You may alleviate the harm and safeguard yourself by paying close attention to thunder and lightning.




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