Wondershare EdrawMax for Windows

A diagram construction application for Panels that is also compatible with linux, Mac Os X, and Windows. It offers you a drag-and-drop user interface as well as numerous built-in images for creating flowcharts and data pass diagrams.

You can make diagrams that are more understandable than ever before with the aid of the app’s’s extensive forms, themes, improved results, and elements. By connecting real-time animations to your data and sharing them with people using a variety of exportation options, Flowchart Maker allows you to create diagrams that are more fluid than ordinary flowcharms. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Visio are all supported for exporting to graphics formats.

Additionally, Flowchart Maker makes use of team-based collaboration tools, which enable parallel edits between you and your team. Now, you can use Edrawsoft’s’s swarm edraw to share your work.


Overall, Flowchart Maker is a fantastic application with excellent functions. It has some strong features and integrates clearly with headquarters games. The user interface is simple to understand and logical. The shape and footmark are the drawbacks; they are quite large.

Please be aware that this 30 day measurement release of Flowchart Maker has restrictions.



Panels users’ Wondershare Edrawmax 12.0.4
  1. Windows 7,
  2. Windows 10.
  3. 2003 Skylights,
  4. Windows 2000,
  5. Vista, Windows
  6. Windows 8,.1,
  7. Windows 8,
Dialects that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. French,
  3. German,
  4. Japanese,
  5. Spanish,
  6. Chinese,
  7. Italian,
  8. Portuguese,
  9. Russian
release in hearing
most recent update:
November 14, 2023, Monday


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