Equalizer APO for Windows

A parametric / graphic equalizer for Windows is called Equalizer Apo. For the system effect infrastructure included with Windows Vista, it is used as an audio processing object( Apo ).

The purpose of Equalizer Apo is to increase the power and excellence of your good.

Characteristics that stand out:

  1. practically limitless filter options.
  2. works with a variety of channels.
  3. Its extremely moderate latency makes it suitable for synergistic programs.
  4. Motherboard utilization is minimal.
  5. individual layout with a flexible graphics.

Windows balance Equalizer Apo lacks a person interface with graphics. Otherwise, you modify the radio output’s’s functions using Txt paperwork. Your working system’s’s cowl is where the apps operates, and it produces effective outcome without affecting your system sources. Because of this Equalizer, Apo is both dependable and effective.


You can select the apparatus to which you want to implement the Apo once the app has been installed. You must be aware of the radio product you must improve. The app tells you which adapters support Apo and displays a comprehensive list of product companies. Navigate to the location of Equalizer Apo installation and open a form Txt document if you want to change the fresh equalizer’s’s guidelines.



Panels version of Balance Apo 1.2.1
  1. Skylights 10,
most recent release:
August 18th, 2023, a Wednesday
Thedering, Jonas


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